Elevate Your Agricultural

We're pioneering innovative technologies that empower farmers to cultivate berries with greater ease. Achieve higher yields while doing less labor.

1,000 kg of buffer capacity
Minimum groundloss
20 ha in one charge
Up to 700 meters per hour

Getting Started With BoostedFarm 1.0.

Are you a berry farmer facing the challenges of escalating labor costs and seasonal shortages? Your solution is here! Introducing BoostedFarm 1.0, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize your berry harvesting experience.

🚜 Autonomous Efficiency.

BoostedFarm 1.0 works tirelessly, day and night, ensuring your berries are picked at the peak of freshness. Bid farewell to labor constraints and usher in a new era of unparalleled productivity!

💸 Cost-Effective.

BoostedFarm 1.0 is not just a robot; it's a cost-saving marvel. With BoostedFarm 1.0 on your farm, witness a substantial reduction in labor costs, enhancing your profitability and securing your farm's financial future.

🔄 Season-Proof Farming.

BoostedFarm 1.0 operates year-round, conquering seasonal challenges and guaranteeing a consistent, reliable harvest. Say goodbye to worries about labor shortages during peak seasons!

🌐 Precision Technology.

Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and AI, BoostedFarm 1.0 selectively picks ripe berries with unmatched precision. Enjoy a higher yield and top-quality produce that meets the demands of discerning consumers.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Harvesting.

BoostedFarm 1.0 isn't just good for your business; it's great for the environment too! With reduced reliance on traditional farming practices, BoostedFarm 1.0 helps minimize the ecological impact of berry farming.

🛠️ Seamless Integration.

BoostedFarm 1.0 is designed for easy integration into your existing farm setup. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to focus on what matters - growing your business.

How Everything Works.

Power Up

Connect BoostedFarm 1.0 to a reliable power source to ensure continuous operation. This autonomous berry picker requires electricity to efficiently navigate your fields and harvest your crops.

Field Mapping on the App

Use the intuitive BoostedFarm app to mark the designated berry fields. Simply outline the boundaries on the app's map interface to guide BoostedFarm 1.0 precisely where you want it to harvest.

Activate Autonomy

Turn on BoostedFarm 1.0 with a simple tap on the app. Once activated, the robot utilizes its advanced sensors and AI technology to autonomously navigate the mapped fields, identifying and picking ripe berries with precision.

Notification and Collection

Receive real-time notifications on your app when BoostedFarm 1.0 completes a harvesting session. Head to the designated field to collect the freshly picked goods, ensuring you always have the finest produce at your fingertips.

The Best Features of The App.

Remote Activation

Whether you're in the farmhouse or miles away, the Remote Activation feature lets you initiate BoostedFarm 1.0 with a simple tap on your phone, ensuring every harvest begins at your convenience.

Harvest Tracker

With Harvest Tracker, visualize the yield from each section of your field, making informed decisions about crop rotation, yield patterns, and optimizing your berry farm for maximum efficiency.

AI-Enhanced Quality Check

BoostedFarm's AI goes beyond just picking. Get insights into the quality of your berries, helping you maintain the highest standards and meet market demands with confidence.

Field Analytics Dashboard

The Field Analytics Dashboard keeps you in the loop, providing key metrics at a glance. Stay informed about your farm's performance and make timely decisions to optimize operations.

Weather Prognosis and Recommendations

Stay one step ahead of Mother Nature. Our Weather Prognosis feature helps you plan your harvests based on upcoming weather conditions, ensuring the best quality berries reach your market.

Smart Notifications

BoostedFarm keeps you connected to your farm like never before. Receive timely notifications, so you can focus on what matters, confident that your berry harvest is running smoothly.

Join the Berry Revolution!

🌱 Ready to be part of something extraordinary? Welcome to the BoostedFarm community, where innovation meets agriculture! Join us and fellow blueberry enthusiasts as we cultivate a future where technology transforms the way we farm. From smart harvesting to sustainable practices, be at the forefront of the blueberry revolution. Together, let's grow success, share insights, and celebrate the bounty of our harvests. Join the community today and sow the seeds of a brighter farming future! 🚀🫐 #GrowWithBoostedFarm